More than a paper crafter!

I love adding paper punch flowers to my greeting card designs but that’s not all I do!  I’m always looking for a new challenge and just wanted to share one of my recent projects.

I love tiling and always wanted to do a mosaic.  I was thinking a water feature to hang on the wall but never got around to that.  But then recently my husband came by some marine grade ply board and I got an idea… our BBQ needed a special place in our back yard so my creative mind went into over drive.

I decided to create a MOSAIC FEATURE WALL!

Once I get an idea there really is no stopping me.  This mosiac back drop took 2 solid weeks of work to complete which doesn’t include preparation time or making a couple of little addons.  If you are going to tackle a project this size your really need to block out a big chunk of time from your life…well that’s kind of what I did.

The mosaic feature wall is about 2.5 meters wide and 2.1 meters high.  I’ve made many aspects of it 3 dimensional (seems I am just not happy with flat surfaces!) such as the tree and the attached gecko and frog.

I now love sitting outside with a glass of red wine and just taking it all in.

I wonder what project I’ll think up next.  Maybe I’ll get back into some more card making.  I do need to increase my reserve stocks…

Click on the images below to view my finished mosaic wall.


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