Paper and Card Density

The difference between paper and card is generally defined by its density which is the weight by a given area.

In Australia and Europe the standard measurement is the weight in grams of paper 1 meter x 1 meter that is the grams per square meter which is often abbreviated gsm.  The more dense the sheet the stronger it is.  Paper is less dense than Card.


As a reference point the paper that is used for general printing and photocopying needs is around 80 gsm, for a bit higher quality paper is could be as much as 100gsm.

For punching out shapes for creating Paper Punch Flowers it is best to use quality 80-100 gsm paper.


To make greeting cards you will require card that is at least 200 gsm though if you were to decorate a card with a Paper Punch Flower floral bouquet then using card with a higher weight 260-300 gsm would make it more stable and better able to hold the weight of the artwork.

As with paper and card size, the units and methods used to measure density vary for different regions of the world.

USA paper and card

In the US and countries using Letter size paper, mass and not density is used to describe different papers.  That mass is referred to as the weight  of a ream, a ream is 500 sheets.

This is an interesting situation as the measurements of each ream is not taken into consideration for the mass.  So the mass of 500 sheets of letter size paper or copy paper could be the same as a ream of large tissue paper or small cardboard!

The units of measurement for a ream mass is pounds or lbs.

But lets just try to compare Letter paper as that is the paper size that is mostly referred to in the Paper Punch Flowers Online Workshop.

According to Wikipedia, a typical ream of Letter size copy paper, the paper mass would be defined as 20-24 lbs.

And from my research it would seem that a Letter size card thick enough for cutting and folding into greeting cards would likely have a mass of around 80 lbs.





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