Watch the video below for some examples of what you will learn to create…

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What is Paper Punch Flowers?

In as short as this Weekend You Could Be Creating Stunning
3D Paper Punch Flowers


From: Trudy Pfeiffer,
Creator of

Trudy Pfeiffer, Creator of Paper Punch Flowers

Dear Fellow Lover of Beautiful Crafts,

If you’ve scrolled down this far it is likely you have a passion for Card Making, and like me, you’re always on the lookout for learning new ways to decorate and ‘beautify’ your Greeting Cards so that they demand attention! If so this message will be important to you…

Here’s why..

My Friend Told Me “You Should Teach This Stuff!”

My best friend knew that I was crafty and that I was often busy making small paper flowers to decorate cards and artwork to hang on the wall, so she asked me to demonstrate my flower making skills to a group of church ladies.

I’d not really considered teaching this art. Paper flower making was just something I kind-of taught myself to do (like so many other crafts). The evening was a success and at the end my friend said to me that I should teach this stuff to others.

Well that got me thinking…

I knew I had a lot of information to share, more that I could squeeze into a 3 hour workshop. I also knew from my experience that everyone learns at a different speed and in a workshop situation that could become an issue. I also knew that I’d have to hire rooms, post out flyers etc. and it was all seeming a bit complicated.

I didn’t want to lose this opportunity of sharing my love of creating paper punch flowers and I wanted everyone (no matter how skilled or novice) to walk away happy, feeling like they really understand and could successfully create stunning artwork with their paper flowers.

So after many months with this idea rolling around in the back of my mind I finally decided that I would teach my craft but make it available to anyone around the world from the convenience of their computer.

…and so was born Paper Punch Flowers Online Workshop

I wanted a place that you could become a member and login at your leisure, learn at your own speed, practice at your own convenience, and have a front row seat to watch the training videos over and over as many times as necessary until your skills become second nature.

I also created some projects to help kick start your creative juices so even the novice could begin creating stunning floral arrangements immediately.

Logically Sequenced Training Modules & Projects

So I sat down with my pen and paper and noted down everything I knew about turning paper punch shapes into floral works of art and then sorted my ideas into a logical sequence.

This is Not a Book Full of Confusing Diagrams?

Have you ever purchased craft books that has a series of diagrams and directions only to find that you’re more confused than ever? I know your frustration, which is why I DID NOT produce a book for you to follow and get confused.

I cleaned off my kitchen table, set up a camera on a tripod and video recorded every step of my training.

I not only tell you what to do, I show you, every single little step. So there’s no need to guess anything, its all laid out for you to watch, practice and re-watch as many times as you need.

Then I added all this information to the Paper Punch Flowers Online Workshop Members Area so it is easy to find and follow.

Take a look at the screenshots below that show the list of Workshop Modules and Projects I have available to you on the other side.

Screenshots of the Members Area

With Your Paper Punch Flowers Membership You’ll Enjoy…

  • Over 3½ hours of step-by-step video demonstrations and training revealing everything you need to know from tools and supplies through to techniques and flower assembly.
  • Each module contains one or more screen-flow videos breaking the training down into organized, step-by-step portions for ease of watching and re-visiting as required.
  • Colored photographs are included in each module of all the flowers and greenery I demonstrate and create throughout the course. I’ve even compiled this into a pictorial reference guide that you can download and print out and use as a reference tool and memory jogger.
  • Each week a new project will get delivered to your members area until all available projects are received. The projects are designed to help you start creating stunning floral arrangements and to test your skills and inspire your creativity.
  • Learn at your own pace. Take the pressure off yourself. It’s not like sitting in a 3 hour workshop where you only hope you’ll remember everything the demonstrator tells you, with your lifetime membership you can watch and re-watch the video’s as many times as you need, pause and rewind if you need.
  • Lifetime membership means you can come back and revisit the training anytime in the future if you’ve forgotten something, plus you will automatically receive any future updates and improvements that may be made to the workshop area.
  • Training that even a novice will understand. You don’t have to be a crafty person to learn how to make paper punch flowers. I explain and demonstrate everything right down to the basics…so if you have the desire to learn I guarantee you will get it if you watch and practice.
  • Create Unique Greeting Cards that your friends and family will rave about and treasure.

Workshop Member Card

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I Share all My Tips and Secrets

I share and demonstrate everything I know in the workshop. All my tips and secrets that I have discovered and developed along my own journey of turning small pieces of paper punch shapes into stunning flowers and floral arrangements.

Most of what I know is self taught it’s basically taking the techniques that I will teach you, combining it with some imagination and trialling things until they work.

I get inspiration from many places, maybe a picture, a plant in the garden or a wedding bouquet. Many things trigger ideas for me then I sit down and see if I can turn it into a piece of art.

My hope is that you too can can explore creative ideas once you’ve mastered the basic flower sculpting techniques.

Over the years I’ve trialled many ideas and techniques, many were failures and a complete waste of time and effort but others were successful. In the workshop I share with you many tips that will have you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Be Warned… Creating Paper Punch Flowers is Addictive!

But be warned there is something satisfying and truly enjoyable about transforming paper punch shapes into stunning flowers and floral arrangements….it’s addictive. If you’re anything like me you wont’ be able to wait to start your next project to see what new ideas you will be able to bring together.

Thank you again for your assistance.  I have been in a few times to collect the bonuses and have watched some of the videos.  I really enjoyed them.  I think your flowers are awesome.  I used to make the flowers many years ago but have learned a new trick since watching your video.

Thanks again for everything.

Sharon Carter

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Here’s Just a few examples of the Paper Punch Flowers you’ll learn to create:

Some Paper Punch Flower arrangements

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It costs more for many craft books with difficult to interpret diagrams! But in the Paper Punch Flowers members area you get over 3 ½ hours of video training where you see exactly what I do. No need to guess anything just watch and then follow what I do step-by-step.

The online videos show you exactly how to create and assemble paper flowers, with nothing held back.

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Trudy Pfeiffer 



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